Meet the Team

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Meet the Team

About Us

Solutions Counseling Services was established in 2003, proudly serving in Breckenridge, Minnesota for nearly 20 years. In 2019, Solutions Counseling Services grew by merging with another counseling agency and became Birchwood Therapeutic Services. Since then, we have expanded into other communities – Fargo ND and Grand Forks ND.

We stand apart from other therapy practices because we value holistic and innovative approaches that have shown true success. Research has shown traditional talk therapy may not been as effective for some individuals. Therefore, the providers at Birchwood Therapeutic Services continually strive to bring groundbreaking therapeutic approaches to our clients.

Our mission is to help our clients find their voice while on their path to healing.

Our Staff

Breckenridge Office

Pamela Thompson, LICSW

She loves reading, landscaping, family time and taking classes to improve her ability to help her clients.

Ashley Thompson, M.Ed., LPCC – SUP

Ashley believes we all have a story but that does not have to define who we become.

Kallie Marsh, M.Ed., LPCC

Kallie believes in using an empathetic and holistic approach that empowers individuals and families to find solutions to their problems and reach their self-determined goals.

Allie Skjonsberg, LICSW

I believe that everyone can benefit from therapy as life throws a lot at every single person and it’s nice to have a neutral person to talk to and process life with.

Marissa Perry, M.Ed., LPC

I am passionate about connection and client empowerment. I use individualized tools, techniques, and an integrative therapy approach to meet your individual needs and to help you find self-worth and balance within your daily life. 

Sheyenne Hokit, LPC

I have a passion for helping my clients become the best they can be and empower them to go above that.

Nicky Besette, LGSW

I know therapy can be scary or intimidating but I will be here to help you in finding a healthier, happier you! Building a healthy and trusting relationship with my clients is important to me. I look forward to meeting you and I am excited you are here!

Fargo South Office

Ashley Thompson, M.Ed., LPCC – SUP

Ashley believes we all have a story but that does not have to define who we become.

Jamie Newberger, M.Ed., LPC (MN), LAPC (ND)

I am passionate about working with individuals who are healing from painful situations in life, and who feel stuck in old patterns that just aren’t working anymore. Whether you are having difficulty communicating your needs or emotions, facing hard choices, or lacking direction, change is possible. You don’t have to continue feeling stuck or overwhelmed, and you don’t have to do it alone.

Stephanie Schafer, M.Ed., LPCC-SUP, NCC

I take an inviting approach to counseling, and collaborate with my clients in their healing. I believe people to be resilient, and know that we all get “stuck” sometimes. I work with my clients to identify their strengths and resources to get “unstuck” and move toward thriving in their lives.

Heidi Leckner, LPCC

In my counseling work I utilize a humanistic approach, which is the belief that each human is not only unique, but also has the innate ability to overcome life’s hardships and pursue growth. When you are in counseling with me, I will hear you. Most importantly, I will provide you with support and validation while I assist you with your journey of self-improvement and healing.

Reid Segal, M.S., LAPC, NCC

Reid decided she wanted to be a counselor at 12 years old when she met with her own counselor for the first time. She has seen the benefits of therapy from both sides of the couch and is passionate about offering a welcoming and unintimidating therapy environment where she collaborates with her clients as an equal.

Denise Hellekson, LPCC, LISW

Denise believes one of the greatest investments we can make in life is the investment in ourselves, and one of the wisest choices we can make is reaching out for assistance when we need support along the way.

Fargo West Office

Debbie Svobodny, LCSW

The thought of therapy can be overwhelming, and I am excited you’re here and taking this step so seriously.  I believe this is the most important step; finding the right fit therapist is vital.  I hope to create a safe environment where you can share opening about your challenges and victories.  All while assisting you in writing beautiful new chapters in your story.  You are important and valued!

Cheyanne Hart, LMSW

I strive to empower youth in finding their strengths and utilizing them with the help of their caregivers. I also enjoy working with families and individuals to improve overall functioning through a strengths based, client centered practice.

Austen McFarren, MS, LPCC

Austen’s clients describe him as gentle, patient, genuine, non-judgmental, warm, flexible, sarcastic, and witty. Austen’s clinical foundation is in humanistic approaches, while also utilizing tools from Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), and Narrative Therapy.

Deb DeMinck, Ed.D, LPCC, NCC

Deb believes that challenges are what make life interesting and overcoming them is what makes life meaningful.

Grand Forks Office

DeNae Haagenson, M.Ed., LPCC

A Minnesota native, DeNae has raised her family here and is active in her community.

Amanda Weston, LPC (MN), LAPC (ND), NCC

Counseling provides a safe space for hope to grow. I believe that every person is the author of their own story and healing can happen as we navigate the writing and rewriting of our story. It is a privilege for me to support you along your journey.

Telehealth Providers

Amy McIntosh, M.S., M.Ed., LPC (MN), LAPC (ND)

Amy uses a client-centered approach to meet you where you are at; she is always striving to tailor her approach to what each individual needs.