Birchwood Therapeutic Services

Birchwood Therapeutic Services takes pride in offering a holistic and relational approach to each client. Our belief is that a safe and trusting environment must be present to allow for a greater chance of change. The therapists at Birchwood strive to create that atmosphere with each client they meet.

While working with us, you will see our caring professionals using innovative and research-based strategies. Taking the first step can be the hardest part of the journey to wellness. While no one can change the past, our providers will work with you towards a better future.

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Animal Assisted Therapy

Here at Birchwood Therapeutic Services we value holistic approaches which is why we have incorporated Animal Assisted Therapy into our practice. Animal Assisted Therapy (AAT) helps improve a patients’ mental, physical, social, and emotional functioning with the aid of an animal. Birchwood Therapeutic Services offers two options of AAT: Canine and Equine.

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About Us
Birchwood Therapeutic Services is a comprehensive health center providing mind-body support for holistic wellness.
Animal Assisted Therapy
Animal Assisted Therapy (AAT) helps improve a patient's mental, physical, social, and emotional functioning with the aid of an animal.

Services Provided

Birchwood Therapeutic Services is a comprehensive health center providing mind-body support. Birchwood Therapeutic Services offers an array of services including but not limited to:

Individual Counseling

We help children, adolescents and adults deal with anxiety, depression, trauma and much more.

Marriage, Couples & Family Counseling

We help clients with their family dynamics, divorce issues, blended families, and relationship strain to name just a few areas of focus.

School-Based Mental Health Program

Our school-based mental health program partners with local school districts to provide on-site therapy to their students, eliminating access barriers.

Simple Process

How Does it Work?

Healing and hope go hand in hand, though many individuals come to us without one or the other. At Birchwood Therapeutic Services, we believe we can we can help you find that missing piece.

Step 1:

Schedule an appointment

Click here to schedule an appointment and we work with you to begin the process of healing.

Step 2:

Talk with a clinician and create a plan

Once you have an appointment scheduled, you will meet with your therapist to complete a diagnostic assessment which will include a treatment plan and goals.

Client Testimonials

  “My daughter has been participating in riding therapy to help with ongoing effects from childhood truma. She often calls me on her way home from Ricigliano Farms and is on a “horse high”, The horses have decrease her stress level, help to build her confidence, and they allow her to have a trusting relationship. I see her communicating more effectively and facing challenges head on. We have tried many things in the past, including traditional therapy and medication, but I finally see healing happening with horses.”
– Katie
  “I enjoy bringing my family to Birchwood for the following reasons: friendliness, the feedback, and the willingness and support they give. I really enjoy the feedback and information they give and how they point you in the right direction on the next steps. This has been the best place that I have come across. Highly recommended!”
– Client from Hankinson ND
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